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Enovap Plus Black Pack
162.50€ 109.00€
enhanced flavor restitution, a warmer vape and a tighter draw. Discover the new generation of the Enovap, the Enovap Plus, and benefit from an exclusive offer, to definitively get away from cigarettes.
A unique world experience
With the new Enovap Plus Black pack, quiting smoking has never been that simple. Thanks to our unique technology, you will live a unique experience.
1 x Enovap Plus, Black Edition

( + 1 black cover included)

1 x Pods
1 x Classic
1 x Classic
1 x Cover
Your pack
162.50€ 109.00€
The Enovap Plus Black pack is a unique experience and the opportunity to test the e-liquid Classic of our new range: Les Saisons d'Enovap. A sweet tobacco with a touch of hazelnut and a hint of maple syrup: thrilling!

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