Black Enovap Pack
194.50€ 139.00€
More power, an enhanced flavor restitution, a warmer vape and a tighter draw. Discover the new generation of the Enovap, the Enovap Plus, and benefit from an exclusive offer, to definitively get away from cigarettes.
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1 x Enovap Full Black

( + 1 black cover included)

1 x 4 Pods
1 x Cover
1 x Papin
1 x Papin
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194.50€ 139.00€
The Enovap Plus, is : more power, an enhanced flavor restitution, a warmer vape, a tighter draw. The first smart e-cigarette with a double tank system that allows you to manage instantly your level of nicotine, but also your flavors, without having to change your liquids.

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