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The Enovap will be available end of January 2019 in limited quantities.
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The first smart & connected personal vaporizer

The first smart & connected personal vaporizer

The first smart & connected personal vaporizer


Our vision has always been to create a personal vaporiser that puts you back in control. One so elegant that the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent that it understands your needs. With the Enovap, that vision is now a reality.

The future of vaping is here

Powerful Unique Features

Control your Consumption

Your nicotine requirement varies over the course of a day. The Enovap can help you meet those needs allowing you to change your level of nicotine instantly, without the need to change your liquids or your tank.

Increase Nicotine Decrease Nicotine

Change your nicotine level instantly

Thanks to its double tanks, the Enovap gives you fine control over your nicotine delivery.

With the Hit Control feature you can change anywhere between 18mg to 0mg, at the touch of a button.

Your Tastes Change

Tired of the same old flavor time and again? With Flavor Mix you can mix two flavors in the proportions you want, when you want, to get the perfect balance

100/0 80/20 70/30 50/50 30/70 10/90 0/100

Mix your flavors on the go

Flavor Mix is designed with our liquids in mind but also works with any of your own.
Discover Enovap's range of eliquids.

Reducing Your Nicotine

With its smart learning algorithms, the Enovap learns your needs and helps deliver the right amount of nicotine to you when you need it. It reduces the nicotine delivery gradually over time.

Developed in collaboration with the


*Scientific Research National Center

Success is measurable

Enovap makes your personal vaporizer smart. It learns from you. With the mobile app you can track your consumption and activate the artificial intelligence to give you the best vaping experience.
Vaping, more powerful than ever.

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A few words ...

Enovap Personal Vaporizer

Enovap is the world's only electronic cigarette that enables you to change and control your nicotine levels at the touch of a button.