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This is Enovap, The first smart e-cigarette

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A disruptive design & technology

Enovap is the first smart nicotine management system, developped with doctors.

Opened Enovap product
  • A fully secured system
    The product has been invented, engineered and industrialized in France. A smart know-do from France.
  • A disruptive technology
    The worldwide patented double tank allows the user to set a precise concentration of nicotine for each inhalation: Fill it up with 2 nicotine strengths of your choice. Matched to a smart refill system, be sure to fill-up your tanks easily.
  • A friendly & intuitive user interface
    Thanks to its intuitive interface, the user can display his consumption in real time. The device is connected wirelessly in Bluetooth Low Energy to interact with a community of vapers and health professionals.
  • Keep the control
    You can custom your use with the device. Control your nicotine concentration and amount of vapor.

« The more you use it,
the smarter it gets »

Always learning

Enovap offers you a host of possibilities for a unique vaping experience

Enovap modes

Manual mode

Smart mode

Our nicotine needs may change during the day but actual e-cigarettes don’t allow a precise puff per puff control of the nicotine concentration.

After a stimulating event such as a nice lunch or even a coffee, the ex-smoker may face a higher need of nicotine. With the manual mode you are free to set your prefered instant from 0mg/mL to 20mg/mL.

When you meet Enovap for the first time, it starts to know you, thanks to your consumption.

Then it gets better. As you use it and interact with it, Enovap learns and remembers your tastes and habits.This is why Enovap can choose for you the perfect concentration. And because we want the best vaping experience for our customers, you can switch from smart to manual as you wish !

Take the control

You now have the power to control the desired concentration of nicotine for each inhalation. But we decided to go further.

Enovap also offers a dedicated design smartphone application, to track your consumption and set personal goals.

You can share your results with healthcare specialists and challenge your friends! Therefore Enovap is the dream friend for smokers wishing to quit, but also for vapers seeking to control their consumption.


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