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Introducing Enovap, the first smart e-cigarette

« The more you use it,
the smarter it gets »

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A personalised system for a unique experience

With its patented double-tank technology and its artificial intelligence, you can now enjoy unique functionalities.

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Keep control

Chrono pictogram
Instantaneous change of
the concentration of nicotine
Check pictogram
Optimal throat-hit
at every puff
Accurate pictogram
An accuracy to the
tenth of milligram
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Hit Control

The "Hit Control" technology allows you to change your nicotine hit between each puff. Thanks to the double tank, you can choose your nicotine concentration according to your needs.

Switch from 0 to 18 mg/mL without changing your e-liquid !

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Flavor cocktails tailored to your own taste.

Infinite pictogram
Create your own flavor cocktails
E-liquid bottle pictogram
Compatible with any type of e-liquid
Discover our new innovative e-liquid range >
Lemon and passion fruittobacco and menthol leavesCoconuts and chocolate cookie
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Make your own flavor cocktails

With the innovation of the double tank, Enovap brings a new dimension to vaping. The "Flavor Mix" allows you to mix two different e-liquids and manage their proportions to create your own cocktail !

Now, you can change your flavor on the go. It is also possible to vape the e-liquids independently without changing the atomizer.

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We do the job for you

Automatic mode pictogram
Automatic reduction of the nicotine delivery
Calendar pictogram
Smart reduction based on your vaping patterns
Microscope pictogram
Algorithms developed with health professionals
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Automatic reduction

The automatic mode provides a progressive and personalised reduction of your nicotine intake. Developed with healthcare professionals (tobacco-cessation, respirologists, and addictologists), Enovap learns your vaping patterns and anticipate your needs.

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Check your consumption and track your path to success

Enovap application journal screen on Iphone 5
Enovap consumption in real time

Follow your
consumption in real time

Advices from healthcare professionals

Advice and follow up
by healthcare professionals

Community and friends challenges


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A disruptive design

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You can personalise
your Enovap
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An exclusively
French design
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