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Technology in the medical world continues to evolve and is able to perform real miracles: robotization, algorithms and artificial intelligence are at the heart of new practices. However, in 2015, the year Enovap was created, 75,000 people died of tobacco-related illnesses in France, ie around 1 in 8 deaths… The Enovap electronic cigarette was voted as best French innovation of 2014 with a gold medal at the concours Lépine. The start-up was born in 2015, with the ambition of combining new technologies and scientific knowledge to serve smokers.

We believe that each person should be able to benefit from the best solution to quit smoking. For certain smokers, it is very difficult to quit. With this in mind we wanted to help smokers with effective tools and services. It has been 5 years since the Enovap adventure began with a team of 5 engineers. All former smokers and vapers, they quickly discovered the potential of the electronic cigarette and decided to pool their knowledge to offer an alternative solution to tobacco. They then joined forces with tobacco specialist Marie Eltz, now at the heart of the project, as well as with CNRS, the National Center for Scientific Research in France, which participates in the development of our artificial intelligence.

The fruit of this work resulted in the creation of the first connected electronic cigarette, specially designed to adapt to all smoker profiles. It allows smokers to adjust their nicotine concentration at any time and if the smokers want they can gradually reduce their nicotine consumption thanks to Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms smartly integrated in the product. Instead of seeing nicotine as an enemy, we use it as a tool to help you gradually get rid of your addiction.

But Enovap is not just an electronic cigarette. The company’s desire is to support smokers over the long term through, among other things, the mobile application and partnerships with health professionals, discussion forum, free consultations.

The company now has a team of 20 employees who today carry the dream of enabling all smokers to switch to reduced-risk products to lead us in the long term to a smoke-free world.

enovap control nicotine cigarette electronique connectée intelligente

A product for adults

enovap control nicotine cigarette electronique connectée intelligente

A precise dosage

enovap control nicotine cigarette electronique connectée intelligente

A fresh start

enovap control nicotine cigarette electronique connectée intelligente

An apportunity to break the chains

enovap control nicotine cigarette electronique connectée intelligente

A patented technology

enovap control nicotine cigarette electronique connectée intelligente

A lifestyle product

The enovap team

Put faces on a common motivation: offering a smoke-free world by offering the best alternative to adult smokers to support them in their quitting smoking.

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Enovap mission is to eliminate cigarettes. Enovap products are intended for adult smokers who want to switch from combustible cigarettes. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase products on enovap.com.

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