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Enovap high performance battery

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A high performance battery is necessary for the Enovap to function optimally.

Tested thoroughly and approved, this battery ensures that your Enovap will function perfectly under all conditions.

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High-Performance Battery

The Enovap requires a large continuous current discharge, and we recommend the use of this battery in our product.

The battery is not supplied with the Enovap and must be purchased separately.




Dimensions (L x Diameter)

65mm x 18mm flat head



Continuous discharge current


Nominal Voltage



Any reviews for the moment.


Is it possible to use another battery?
It is possible to use another 18650 battery but we recommend the Sony VTC6 because of its performance characteristics. We tested many different makes of battery and the performance of this is best suited to the Enovap.
Which way round does the battery go?
Once the battery cover is open, place the head of the battery (the + side) in first so that battery sits inside, upright. If you accidentally put the battery in the wrong way round, don't panic - then Enovap won't turn on so just take the battery back out and turn it around.
How can I charge the battery?
With the battery still inside, plug your Enovap into a USB charging source (wall charger or computer for example) with the USB cable provides.
Or, you can use a specific 18650 wall charger to charge your batteries outside your Enovap. Note that if you use the mobile application make sure you connect to upload the data before you take the battery out of your Enovap otherwise you risk losing some of your data.

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