Change Your Nicotine Level, Instantly

Hit Control by Enovap

When you stop smoking and start vaping there's two really important things you'll need to be able to do with your nicotine...

Find the right level of nicotine

For the most effective vaping experience, you need to be able to quickly find the right level of nicotine for you. Without this you won't be getting the same sensation as you did when you smoked. These sensations are called the throat hit and the chest hit and it's your body telling you that it's getting the nicotine that it needs. Being able to find these level quickly will give you the best chance that using an electronic cigarette will be the most effective for you.

Changing you nicotine levels throughout the day

You don't consume nicotine the same way throughout the day. At various times of the day will likely feel the need for more or less nicotine. With a standard vape you will not be able to effectively change this as you will only be able to consume more or less vapour - the level of nicotine will remain the same within that vapour.

Changing nicotine with the Enovap is as simple as pressing a button

If you already use electronic cigarettes you may already carry two devices with you with differing levels of nicotine. Even with these two devices it's not possible to fine-tune the nicotine to your exact need at any given moment.

With a mod type device - which has a single tank of liquid sat on top of the battery unit - there are two ways. You can either wait until there is space in your tank for more liquid then put another liquid in with a different nicotine level, or you can carry with you a spare tank with a different liquid.

The Enovap has two liquid pods, one for a lower concentration of nicotine and one for a higher concentration. Changing your nicotine level is then super simple - just press the up and down buttons to instantly change the nicotine.

We recommend 50/50 pg/vg liquids for maximum pod lifetime, but you can fill your pods with any liquids you want, anywhere from 0mg to 20mg.


The Enovap Double-tank Personal Vaporiser with Hit Control

How to Set up and Use Hit Control

1. Set the Enovap to Hit Control mode
Putting the Enovap into Hit Control mode is just a few clicks in the menu
2. Fill the Pods
Fill one tank with low nicotine (0mg or 3mg for example) and one with high nicotine (for example 12mg or 18mg)
3. Tell the Enovap what Nicotine is in Each Pod
A simple menu system enables you to program the nicotine levels in the Enovap and take only seconds to set up
4. Vape Away and Change Your Nicotine
You can now simply press the up and down buttons to change the nicotine vaped


Did you know that you can also use the Enovap to mix two different flavored liquids as you want, when you want?

You can mix your own cocktails that are different each time!