Mix Your Flavors, As You Want

Flavor Mix by Enovap

A Cocktail Shaker in your Pocket

With a standard vape you're limited to a single flavor, all the time. Sure you can wait until your tank is empty before refilling it with another liquid, but why should you? With the Enovap you don't have to wait - just fill the two pods with different flavors and you can mix between them in any amount you want.

Tobacco and Mint, Apple Pie and Custard, Cola and Lime are a few of our favorite mixes. But what will you choose?

We've been showcasing the Flavor Mix mode at shows and parties with huge success. We've filled pods with a dozen or so flavors and let people make mixes from whatever flavors they like. Because they are hermetically sealed you can always keep a few spare Enovap pods in your pocket without fear of leakage, meaning that you're free to take the bar with you!

We recommend 50/50 pg/vg liquids for maximum pod lifetime, but you can fill your pods with any liquids you want.

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The Enovap Double-tank Personal Vaporiser with Flavor Mix

How to Set up and Use Flavor Mix

1. Set the Enovap to Flavor Mix mode
Putting the Enovap into Flavor Mix mode is just a few clicks in the menu
2. Fill the Pods
Fill each tank with a different flavored eliquid (preferably the same nicotine level)
3. Tell the Enovap what Nicotine is in Each Pod
A simple menu system enables you to program the nicotine levels in the Enovap and take only seconds to set up
4. Change your Tastes, Change Your Flavors
You can now simply press the up and down buttons to change the amount of flavor coming from each pod


If you want to get yourself away from nicotine completely, or just better manage your nicotine, once the Enovap has enough information you can switch it to Auto Mode where it will start to deliver the right level of nicotine to you as you need.