Activate the Intelligence

Auto Mode by Enovap

Enovap makes your personal vaporizer smart

It learns from you.

Whilst you use the Enovap in manual mode it learns and understands how you like to consume nicotine - for example if you use more nicotine in the morning than the afternoon and evening, it will come to understand that.

Then, if and when you want to reduce, or stop using nicotine you can switch to Automatic mode and the Enovap will start to deliver nicotine according to what it knows about you.

Gradually - and with smart algorithms developed in partnership with the renowned French National Centre for Scientific Research - the Enovap will tailor it’s delivery, and decrease your dependency on nicotine.

If you're ever not completely satisfied with how the Enovap is delivering nicotine in Auto Mode (perhaps because it doesn't quite have enough data yet) you can always switch back to Manual Mode and the Enovap will continue to learn.

AM 01

The Enovap Double-tank Personal Vaporiser with Hit Control

How to Set up and Use Auto Mode

1. Connect the Enovap to the Mobile App
This will ensure the algorithm is able to collect the data needed to activate Auto Mode
2. Use the Enovap for at least 28 days
In either Hit Control or Flavor Mix mode, the Enovap will record and analyse your nicotine use.
3. Unlock the Auto Mode
You see how much data is needed to be collected in the mobile app. Normally it will be unlockable after a minumum of 28 days of use. When enough data has been collected you will receive a message telling you that the Auto Mode can be unlocked.
4. On the Enovap, Switch to Auto Mode
Make sure the pods are filled with the recommended levels of nicotine, and you can start using the Auto Mode right away, letting the Enovap take care of the nicotine levels for you.
5. Fine-Tuning
If at any point you find that the Enovap isn't delivering the right level of nicotine for you, you can easily and quickly override the Auto Mode. The Enovap will continue learning, even when you make these manual adjustments.


Check out the Enovap's technical specifications.