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Discover Tanks & Pods for the smart and connected e-cigarette. The tanks – also called Pods -contain your e-liquids. There are two types of Pod for Enovap: MTL (for “Mouth To Lung”) allow a tight draw close to the traditional cigarette and DL (“Direct Lung”) which gives a more airy draw for more vapor.

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Our guides on electronic cigarette pods

The choice of types of pod and resistance for electronic cigarettes is essential. Pods are also called “tanks” by vapers. They are the ones who will define the feeling of your hit. An unsuitable draw can quickly discourage the vaper, because he will consider that he does not have enough vapor or that the sensation in the throat is unpleasant. In general, you have to choose between a tight draft, which delivers little steam, and an open draft which allows greater quantities of steam to be vaporized. There are rules of use to follow so as not to have unpleasant surprises. Leaks and “dry hits” are feared by all vapers. Above all, you need to know how to correctly fill the tanks of electronic cigarettes, attach and remove your tanks without damaging them, change resistances when they are too old or damaged. Follow our advice to become an expert on electronic cigarettes!

Tanks for electronic cigarettes are the parts that contain e-liquids. In the tanks, there is a cotton coil, which once soaked in the liquid, will be heated by a resistance and will produce steam. The characteristics of the tanks are mainly defined by two criteria:

– The capacity: the larger the size of your electronic cigarette tank, the more you can fill it with e-liquid. You will, thus, obtain a longer autonomy.
– The resistance: your tanks are composed of a resistance that will define the type of draw you will get from your electronic cigarette. A strong resistance allows you to obtain an indirect draft, similar to that of a cigarette. A low resistance corresponds to a direct draft in which you will obtain a greater quantity of vapor, similar to that of a shisha.

At Enovap, we offer two types of tanks for electronic cigarettes adapted to each draw! Discover our different tanks in our section: electronic cigarette tanks.

The use of electronic cigarette tanks is essential for the proper functioning of your e-cigarette. A certain number of rules must be observed to avoid problems of use. Among the most frequent problems are:

– Poor priming of the reservoirs: during the first use, the cotton present in the resistance must be allowed to soak to avoid a “dry hit.” If you draw too fast, you risk “burning” your tank and having a burnt taste in your mouth. Your tank will then be unusable, and you will have to change it without even having used it. It is also possible to burn its coil if you pull inhale too intensely on coil having too high value. It is therefore necessary to choose coils adapted to your draw preference.
– Your tanks for electronic cigarettes also have a lifespan. You will have to change them according to your frequency of use. The more you vape, the more your resistances are damaged. For Enovap tanks, you can refill them around 10 to 15 times, depending on your vaping profile.
– Improper filling of the tanks: you must not overfill your tanks and check that they are properly closed. Otherwise, you risk being the victim of e-liquid leaks.

There are two types of draws in vaping:

– The tight draw, which allows the indirect inhalation of the smoke. This draw is the closest to that of a cigarette. The vapor you inhale first passes through your mouth, and then you breathe it into your lungs. To obtain this draw, your electronic cigarette tanks must have a strong resistance to obtain a small amount of vapor and a stronger impression of resistance when you inhale.
– The open draw allows you to get closer to a “shisha” type of draw. You inhale a large amount of vapor directly into your lungs. We are talking about direct inhalation. To obtain this type of draft, it will be necessary to choose a lower resistance in order to be able to obtain a large quantity of smoke without effort at the time of the draft.

The resistance value is expressed in Ohm. The higher the Ohm value of the resistor, the tighter the draw you will get. The lower the resistance value in Ohms, the more vapor you will get! At Enovap, we offer electronic cigarette tanks containing coil in 0.9 Ohm for a tight draw, and coil in 0.6 Ohm for a more aerial draw.

Enovap tanks are also called “double tank system”. This system allows you to control your nicotine level and vary the flavors by mixing the vapors from the two tanks. Our tanks are available in tight draw with a coil of 0.9 Ohm (for indirect inhalation) or in open draw with a coil of 0.6 Ohm (for direct inhalation). Equipped with plug’n’play technology, these are the best tanks for electronic cigarettes on the market in terms of flexibility: you can detach them at any time to replace them with other tanks with a different level of nicotine, a different flavor or a different resistance! They also have a long lifespan since they have a capacity of 2ml and are refillable up to 15 times before having to be changed.

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