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Do you want to have a complete and effective electronic cigarette kit to help you quit smoking? Whether you are a beginner vaper or a vaping expert, we offer you high-end and customizable pack at the best price.

Promotions on Enovap

New – Promotion on e-cigarettes

Kit Enovap mini

Pick the most innovative pod in the world, designed and patented in France. Choose your e-liquid capsules for your Enovap mini (with or without nicotine) among the 4 available flavors (classic, polar mint, mango, and berries) at the best price.

39,90€ 56,90€ -30%

Promotion on e-cigarettes

Enovap starter pack

The perfect deal to start with an e-cigarette. Personalize your starter pack : choose your Enovap (Full Black or Silver), your e-liquids (with or without nicotine), as well as your pod pack to begin your Enovap adventure with ease and at the best price.

69,00€ 94,89€ -27%

Promotions on battery and e-liquids for e-cigarettes

Promotion battery for e-cigarette

Special pack battery 3 + 1

Never run out of charge ! The high performance 18650 Enovap batterie is specially designed for e-cigarette use. Buy 3 and get 1 for free !

29,96€ 39,96€ -25%

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Our guides on electronic cigarette kits

To get started with the Enovap electronic cigarette, it is important to choose products suited to your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert vaper, you can customize your complete Enovap starter kit. You can choose:

– The type of tanks, according to your vaping profile.
– The color of your Enovap’s silicone protective cover.
For each pack including an Enovap electronic cigarette, you get a free Molicel battery!
We also offer e-liquid packs, including:
– The Discovery pack, made up of a wide variety of different flavors.
– The more specialized packs, for those already sure of their preferences.

Our e-cigarettes work with external 18650 batteries. We provide you with packs consisting of several Molicel batteries and Molicel batteries and dual battery chargers to recharge your batteries faster.

To choose your Enovap electronic cigarette kit, you will need to make the following choices:

– The color of your Enovap. It is currently available in black or silver. Its performance does not differ from one color to another.
– The nicotine level of the two e-liquids that we offer. This choice is important since it will define the range of nicotine levels that you can vape. If you choose 3mg / mL and 18mg / mL, you can fill your two reservoirs with these two different levels. Thus, you’ll be able to vary your nicotine level from 3mg / mL up to 18mg / mL using the nicotine control mode on your Enovap. You can gradually increase or decrease by 0.5 mg / mL by pressing the buttons on your Enovap.
– The type of tanks. If you want a draw that is close to that of a cigarette, you will have to choose the DL Enovap reservoirs in 0.9 Ohms. If you want a lot of vapor and a draw similar to that of a shisha, you should choose the Enovap 0.6 Ohm tanks.
– The color of your Enovap electronic cigarette case. We offer protective covers in 6 different colors: red, blue, orange, green, pink, black or gray. It’s up to you to choose according to your preference! 


Once you have chosen your electronic cigarette pack, you are ready to start your experience with your Enovap e-cigarette.

The preferences in terms of e-liquids are different according to individual profiles. There aren’t really any defined rules. You usually have to test many flavors to find out what you prefer. However, it is often said that it is better to start vaping with a tobacco or tobacco/mint flavor to get closer to the effect of a cigarette. Gourmet or fruity flavors are generally preferred by confirmed vapers. However, beginner vapers can very well start with fruity or gourmet e-liquids and switch to a tobacco flavored e-liquid after several months. It’s up to you to follow your intuition, your preferences, and experiment with different flavors to find what works best for you. At Enovap, we offer 3 packs of e-liquids:

– The Discovery pack: a composition of tobacco, minty, fruity and delicious e-liquids. You will be able to make up your own mind about the different flavors of e-liquids offered!
– The Menthol-ban pack: this pack is composed of e-liquids with tobacco and mint flavors, and is aimed at people wishing to find the effect of a menthol cigarette or to discover the sensation that these flavors provide from an electronic cigarette. After all, just because you don’t like menthol cigarettes doesn’t mean you won’t like similar flavors from your e-cigarette. This mixture is very relevant with Enovap when using Nicotine-Control. For example, you can put a tobacco flavored e-liquid at 18 mg / mL of nicotine in one reservoir, and a menthol flavored e-liquid at 0 mg / mL of nicotine in the other. So when you increase your nicotine level, you will get closer to a tobacco draw with a lot of nicotine, and as soon as you go down, you will get a minty flavor with less nicotine. Maximum pleasure and maximum efficiency!
– The Celebrate Summer pack: do you want to discover more intense flavors? Our fruity and gourmet e-liquids are made for you!
You can also choose the nicotine level that suits you, and have fun mixing the flavors thanks to the Flavor Mix mode of your Enovap electronic cigarette.

Molicel 18650 batteries are considered, by many experts, to be the best in the electronic cigarette market. We suggest taking advantage of these incredible batteries in our promo packs. You can choose:

– Packs composed exclusively of Molicel batteries
– Packs with Molicel batteries and a double XTAR battery charger. You will then benefit from a battery with a high autonomy, and a double battery charger which will allow you to recharge your batteries quickly. This will reduce your chances of running out of battery when using your Enovap e-cigarette.

You can choose in your pack: the color of your Enovap electronic cigarette and your protective case as well as the flavors of your e-liquids (without nicotine or with nicotine). You also choose your reservoirs in order to benefit from direct inhalation or indirect inhalation. For optimal use of your electronic cigarette kit, we also offer you the Molicel by Enovap battery, a high-end 18650 battery.

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