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Enovap batteries and chargers are designed for all types of ecigs. Batteries for electronic cigarettes act directly on the autonomy and power of your e-cigarette.

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Our guides on batteries and chargers for electronic cigarettes

The batteries define the performance of power and autonomy of your e-cigarette. At Enovap, we exclusively offer you Molicel batteries. Equipped with an NFC tag to track authenticity, you will be able to know if it is counterfeit or not, and thus vape safely. You can also review its specificities. Molicel batteries are high-end 18650 batteries, which optimize the performance of your Enovap e-cigarette. Like all batteries for electronic cigarettes, certain rules of use must be observed, such as:

– Know how to recharge your batteries.
– Know how to maintain your batteries.
– Know how to store your batteries.
– Know how to recognize when your battery is damaged.

All of these rules are important, since they will help ensure your safety and optimize your vaping experience.

An external battery is used to supply electricity to your electronic cigarette. It directly affects its performance. It defines its power, but also its autonomy. The level of power and autonomy you will need will depend on your vaping profile. If you typically smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, you will need a battery with a high autonomy to allow you to have enough energy to last all day. If you vape for fun or if you are a fan of big clouds of smoke, you will need a powerful battery that can meet your expectations. At Enovap, we offer you high-end 18650 batteries, in order to power and optimize the performance of your Enovap electronic cigarette.

The power of your electronic cigarette is defined by your battery. We measure the power in watts. The higher the watts value, the more power your battery will have and, thus, allow you to vape more vapor. This power must, however, be adapted to your resistances. In fact, high power is not compatible with high resistance. The latter will be heated too quickly and risk toasting your cotton, causing a dry hit. The power of the batteries varies enormously, some are below 10 watts while others can go up to 100 watts! At Enovap, we offer you a high-end 18650 battery, suitable for both beginner and expert vapers!

To know the autonomy of your 18650 battery, you must refer to its value in mAh (milliAmp per hour). The more this value increases, the more energy your battery stores. A high value in mAh allows you to have a longer autonomy. However, there are other criteria to take into account, such as:

– The frequency of use of your electronic cigarette: the more you use your electronic cigarette, the faster your battery will drain.
– The age of your battery: if your battery is old or damaged, its performance may be compromised. Remember to change your equipment regularly.
– The continuous discharge current (calculated in Amps): this value gives you an indication of the energy loss of your battery over time. A very good continuous discharge current provides you a very low energy loss, and therefore a better autonomy.

To know the real autonomy of a battery, it is often necessary to carry out extensive tests. Fortunately, vaping experts do it regularly and there are many professional analyses available. At Enovap, we exclusively offer Molicel batteries! Both powerful and with good battery life, they are often considered by experts as the best on the market!

Enovap Batteries & Chargers : Enovap offers you its “Enovap by Molicel” battery. This battery is at the cutting edge of technology. It is equipped with an NFC tag which allows you to verify its authenticity and thus avoid falling on a fake battery which could reduce the performance of your e-cigarette! Our batteries are secure and ensure optimal operation. Enovap by Molicel batteries are 18650 batteries (18650 corresponds to the battery format). Powerful and with very good autonomy, they are considered by many vaping experts as the most efficient batteries on the market! If you want to make sure that you never run out of power, Enovap also offers its single 18650 battery chargers and dual 18650 battery chargers to charge your batteries faster.

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