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Enovap invites you to discover the smart and connected e-cigarettes and high quality accessories. Developed with the help of CNRS scientists and health professionals, Enovap is proud to offer you its high-end French electronic cigarette.


Enovap mini

Say hello to the new generation of electronic cigarette. Introducing Enovap mini.

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Vape deals offers

The starter kits

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Do you want to have a complete and effective electronic cigarette kit to help you quit smoking? Whether you are a beginner vaper or an expert vaper, we offer high-end and customizable packs to begin your adventure with Enovap

Electronic cigarettes

The smart and connected e-cigarette

Adapted to all smokers profiles, take control of the patented electronic cigarette designed in France.

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Enovap mini pods

Enovap mini pre-filled pods

Discover our range of Enovap mini pre-filled pods with and without nicotine and find fruity and classic tastes

Enovap Plus pods

The plug'n play Pods

Enovap pods allow you to put the liquid of your choice in your Enovap

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Batteries and chargers for e-cigarettes

The power and performance

Get your powerful battery specially designed for e-cigarettes using NFC technology

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Covers and accessories


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Enovap e-cigarettes are by your side every day, throughout the day and support you in your efforts to quit smoking. This is the reason why we have decided to allow you to personalize your Enovap, so that you have an e-cigarette that suits you.

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Our guides on electronic cigarettes

Welcome to Enovap’s guide. Through our various articles, we explain how to properly use Enovap electronic cigarettes, e-liquids as well as our accessories. Our articles are aimed at beginners as well as experienced vapers, and are here to inform you about the latest vaping news in France and abroad. Our guide also focuses on the use of nicotine. Often demonized, nicotine is nevertheless a formidable ally in helping vapers reduce their addiction. So how do you use it? Are there any risks? What do doctors and scientists think? Our guide will help you make up your own mind.

Enovap electronic cigarettes utilize two tanks and are equipped with the most unique features in the world! To be able to benefit from our technology, you will first need to:
– Configure your Enovap e-cigarette to benefit from personalized use adapted to your needs.
– Fill your tanks correctly to avoid any problems of leakage or “dry hits.”
– Learn to use the different modes of use: Nicotine Control, Flavor Mix or Automatic nicotine reduction mode.
– Use your mobile application to measure your progress and use our artificial intelligence, which is able to adapt to your nicotine needs.

To get you started with the Enovap electronic cigarette, we offer complete starter kits, which are the most effective ways to support you in your efforts to quit smoking. Among our offers, you can choose:
– Enovap e-cigarette starter kits.
– Packs of e-liquids.
– Molicel battery packs: these high-end batteries are perfect for use with your Enovap e-cigarette. You can also choose packs, including a double battery charger, to recharge your batteries more quickly.

Our two ranges of e-liquids will give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of flavors. Our 10mL bottles are available for purchase individually or in our packs. We offer 4 types of e-liquid flavors:

– tobacco flavors
– menthol flavors
– fruity flavors
– gourmet flavors

Our e-liquids are available in many nicotine levels: from 0mg / mL (without nicotine) up to 18mg / mL.
Depending on your vaping profile, we’ll help you choose the level of nicotine that’s right for you. For the choice of flavors, there is no secret, you’ll have to try them yourself to know your preferences! It is also possible with your Enovap e-cigarette to mix the flavors with the Flavor Mix mode, and to vary your nicotine with the Nicotine-Control mode. To use our different modes, you can consult our guide pages.

The Enovap electronic cigarette must be powered by an external 18650 battery. We exclusively offer high-end Molicel batteries, which result in an optimal quality of vape. They use the NFC (“Near Field Communication”) technology to ensure the manufacturing authenticity. We also have dual battery chargers so you can quickly recharge your 18650 batteries.

Enovap adapts to the different profiles of smokers to support them in their process of stopping smoking. Its features allow you to control your nicotine level directly on the e-cigarette. You can also reduce your consumption with the use of the automatic nicotine reduction mode, available on our mobile application. For an optimal experience, we offer tailor-made starter kits, generally composed of an Enovap electronic cigarette, e-liquids of your choice, Enovap batteries, as well as a protective cover.

These different packs allow you to obtain a complete and top-of-the-range panoply for beginners as well as for the more experienced vapers. You can personalize your packs by choosing the model of e-cigarette, the color of its cover or the type of tank (tank = tank or pod) you want for direct inhalation or indirect inhalation.
Also take advantage of the Enovap by Molicel battery exclusively. At the same time powerful and endowed with a great autonomy, it is considered according to the experts, as one of the best Molicel 1860 batteries in the world. Packs with several batteries or with a single battery charger or a double battery charger are at your disposal, so that you never run out of energy! But that’s not all, Enovap is also several ranges of e-liquids with the range “the seasons of Enovap” or the range “The great inventors”. Our e-liquids are available without nicotine or with nicotine to suit all profiles of smokers and vapers. There are many flavors of liquids to choose from, there is something for everyone.

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Enovap mission is to eliminate cigarettes. Enovap products are intended for adult smokers who want to switch from combustible cigarettes. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase products on enovap.com.

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