intelligence artificielle mode auto enovap control de la nicotine connectée

Enovap nicotine step down program

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Artificial intelligence for vaping

The Enovap nicotine step down program is the result of scientific collaboration with tobacco specialists. This innovative mode learns from your vaping habits. Thus, you benefit from personalized support in reducing your nicotine intake after one month of use thanks to artificial intelligence. Enovap is the only electronic cigarette that allows you to gradually reduce your nicotine intake automatically day after day.

What is the smart nicotine step-down program ?

We created this innovative program for vapers who want to reduce their nicotine consumption. You can activate the program from your Enovap mobile application. The application will guide you on the nicotine levels of your two eliquids to fill into your Enovap Pods in order to deliver you the right level of nicotine at all times.

How does the smart nicotine step-down program work ?

This technology is available directly from your Enovap e-cigarette. Enovap will analyze your consumption habits during your first 30 days of use. At the end of this phase, the Enovap offers you personalized nicotine reduction support. In other words, the Enovap e-cigarette will automatically deliver the right amount of nicotine to you, and then smoothly reduce it over the days without you realizing it.

intelligence artificielle mode auto enovap control de la nicotine connectée

The mobile application knows your past consumption

intelligence artificielle mode auto enovap control de la nicotine connectée

Artificial intelligence predicts your future needs

intelligence artificielle mode auto enovap control de la nicotine

Votre apport en nicotine diminue automatiquement jour après jour

Progressive support over the long term

Do you want to reduce your nicotine intake and be supported in your quitting process? Automatic mode does the job for you. Learn the different phases of automatic mode below.

Smoking cessation

Adjust your nicotine as you see fit thanks to the Hit Control mode. Once Enovap is your only source of nicotine, and after one month of use, your Enovap knows your consumption habits: you can activate the automatic reduction mode.

Decrease nicotine

Your Enovap automatically decrease your nicotine gradually in a personalized way based on your vaping pattern. You can always change your nicotine at any time if the need arises.

Follow your path to success

Thanks to the Enovap Connect mobile application, follow your progress with detailed graphs of your consumption.

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When science meets vaping

We analyze and study consumption data anonymously in order to propose several models of nicotine reduction based on your vaping pattern.


More than ten million puffs have been analyzed from thousands of Enovap vapers in order to offer you the most suitable support to reduce your nicotine consumption.

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Be better supported to quit smoking

Enovap is the electronic cigarette offering the most advanced technology in the world. Enjoy an electronic cigarette created with scientists supporting you in your desire to quit smoking.

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