Enovap mini
A big innovation in a mini format

Introducing Enovap mini. The smallest e-cigarette that allows you choose your nicotine level and flavours instantly as well as track your consumption on your phone in a pocket size format. Designed and patented in France.

Adjust your nicotine levels on the go

Create your own flavoured cocktails

A patented technology designed in France

Two pods ready to use

Track your consumption on the mobile application

All the Enovap functions
in a pocket size device



more compact

compared to the Enovap Plus


An improved design for a simplified user experience

Do you wish to vape different levels of nicotine or different flavours throughout the day? With Enovap you can choose the perfect vapor for you at any time, your Enovap mini does the rest. Control your nicotine levels and create your own flavoured cocktails at the click of a button.


Five levels of settings for a tailor-made experience.


As easy as 1-2-3

The patented double pod system ensures a precise dosage of flavors and nicotine. The pre-filled capsules have been designed to simplify your experience.


Simply choose your capsules with or without nicotine to create your own vaping journey.


Two pods : endless possibilites

The Enovap mini pods come in many different combinations of flavours and nicotine levels to help you create your unique vaping experience


Innovation supported by research

Enovap was designed to help smokers and provide them with a safer alternative to tobacco. The patented technology allows them to track their data and better control their consumption. With 76% of users saying that the ability to adjust their nicotine levels helps them in their smoking cessation process, we are confident our technology can encourage more smokers to finally quit smoking. Created by engineers passionate about electronic cigarettes and validated by a scientific community and tobacco specialists, Enovap has been recognized by various innovation and research prizes, including a gold medal in the Lépine competition. Enovap has been collecting vaping consumption data since 2015 and analyzes them completely anonymously in order to better understand the habits of smokers wishing to quit smoking.

+10 millions
puffs analysed

Technology designed and patented in France

+9k Enovap vapers


Follow your path to success

Follow your consumption in real time directly on your phone. The mobile application encourages you to stop smoking by offering you a detailed analysis of your consumption.


After 28 days of use, you can activate the automatic nicotine reduction mode if you wish. The application then takes care of adjusting your nicotine at each moment of the day based on your past consumption to achieve the 0mg/mL nicotine goal.


Application available for iOS and Android.

Order your Enovap mini today

You can order your Enovap mini starter kit today. It includes one Enovap mini as well as two packs of two pods of your choice. The mobile application is available for free on iOS and Android.

Early bird pack price : 39.90€

Question about Enovap mini ?

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