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Since 2019, we’ve been collecting customer reviews from hundreds of users to better understand smokers’ needs and improve their experience with Enovap. Thanks to the continuous analysis of our users’ consumption patterns (treated in an anonymous manner) conducted in partnership with the French National Research Center, Enovap can better understand how smokers vape and offer them a new personalized and smart approach to the treatment of their nicotine addiction.


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Your stories, our motivation

Read the feedback of people who decided to quit smoking with Enovap.

Remi de C - Ex-Smoker

« Not a single cigarette for 10 months thanks to Enovap !!! Thank you. »

Alice L - V

« Incredible product! I have never seen such a big innovation in 5 years of vaping. Nicotine control works incredibly well. Thank you, Enovap, for advancing the vape. And besides, it's French. »

John T - Ex-Fumeur

« Being a vaper for 6 years. I am satisfied with my purchase which allowed me to see with precision my nicotine level which suits me and to be able to gradually decrease .... I recommend this e-cigarette. For beginners as well as experienced vapers. »

Catherine M - Ex-Fumeuse

« I started smoking when I was 17. For over thirty years my routine was one pack a day. Thanks to Hit Control, I was able to adapt my nicotine according to my needs, and very quickly reduced my cigarette consumption. »

Customer reviews

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Each person is unique and has a different relationship with tobacco. If you are an adult who is using or has used an Enovap, we want to hear your story. Your story may be used on our website.

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Enovap offers a unique nicotine management functionality. Choose a high-end electronic cigarette, imagined and designed in France.

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Enovap mission is to eliminate cigarettes. Enovap products are intended for adult smokers who want to switch from combustible cigarettes. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase products on enovap.com.

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